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Episode 121: Ohana with Sissy Sosner

June 07, 2018

Ohana is a Hawaiian word that means extended family and Sissy Sosner, a Hawaiian realtor, has got a true ohana story for us! Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much of a supportive family we’ve got within the real estate community. Sissy tells us about a friendship that led to a house-swap, and how she’s so grateful for the people in her life who connect, care, and support her in true Hawaiian ohana fashion. Tune in to hear about what happens when you trust the universe and allow magic to happen.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Sissy’s Background

  • 01:00 – She grew up in Hawaii, lives on the island of Oahu, works on the island of Kawai, and has been in real estate for 8 years

  • 02:30 – Sissy’s CSIRE story about Hawaii being all about “ohana”

  • 03:13 – Her Caldwell Banker office is her ohana, her church is her ohana, CRS is her ohana (she got her CRS designation a few years back), and she has ohana in Cape Cod

  • 03:30 – In early 2017 she read an article on a CRS designee Nadine who jumpstarted her business on the cape and Sissy reached out to her

  • 04:00 – Fast forward a few months and they found a school for their son on the cape, remembered Nadine, and connected with her there

  • 04:45 – She toured the Cape Cod market, discussed house swapping, and did a house sway with Nadine when her son had a week off for Thanksgiving

  • 06:15 – They entrusted their homes to each other and it was all thanks to the CRS family

  • 06:35 – RRC is the Residential Real Estate Council which improves the education of realtors and CRS are the Certified Residential Specialists who have gone beyond the regular training

  • 07:05 – You should never hire a realtor unless they have their CRS designation because they focus on creating a community and bettering where they live

  • 07:45 – Realtors are interconnected and family-centered, and sometimes that isn’t seen when people think “realtor”

  • 08:20 – Nadine had connected her with a friend and made time to spend with Sissy without any monetary benefit

  • 10:00 – Their house-swap took a leap of faith; the same leap that clients make when choosing a realtor

  • 10:45 – It’s all about putting the other person first, Nadine does this in her personal and business life


3 Key Points

  1. Ohana can be found within the real estate world.

  2. Trust the universe and magic will happen.

  3. Hire a CRS if you are looking to buy or sell real estate, or become one if you’re a realtor!




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