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Leigh Brown | Crazy Shit In Real Estate


Episode 119: Dawn Kayano

May 31, 2018


Not all Crazy Shit in Real Estate stories have to be bad-crazy! We’ve got some good-crazy ones, too! Dawn Kayano, a realtor in Honolulu, warms our hearts with a real estate story full of generosity, surprises, and the true meaning of “ohana.” It’s refreshing to hear a story about good people in the world coming together. Dawn tells about how a heartfelt story, an ambitious young woman, a killer cover letter, and a passionate realtor made magic happen. Tune in to hear what Dawn’s client did to buy her father a home he could finally call his own.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:45 – Dawn’s Background
  • 1:00 – She’s lived in Honolulu for 8 years and is an Oahu native, which helps in real estate
  • 02:22 – Dawn’s CSIRE Story
  • 02:30 – She’s been pushing her Facebook and Instagram more and a friend reached out that she met 10 years ago through a friend
  • 03:10 – She asked if Dawn would be interested in helping her find a property for her father who never owned property
  • 03:42 – He lived in a rented studio and they were going to sell it so he wasn’t going to have a home
  • 04:02 – The friend wanted to use the equity in her studio to pay the down payment for her father’s studio as a surprise
  • 04:20 – She was in her early 30s and Dawn was touched that she would do this for her father
  • 05:00 – They found a ground floor unit with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms close to her father’s job
  • 05:30 – They submitted an offer and she wrote an amazing cover story; they had received a cash offer as well, so she felt weary going up against that
  • 06:20 – The seller ended up going with her because she loved the story and wanted to support
  • 07:00 – They brought her father into the unit and had him read the letter she had written; he started tearing up and couldn’t believe it
  • 08:20 – He was so grateful and it was a special moment
  • 09:00 – Props to the seller and the seller’s agent for believing in the story; it feels good to be a part of special stories like this of making a house a home; this is the good CSIRE
  • 10:00 – Real estate can be about stories and family and making a home
  • 11:45 – How to reach Dawn


3 Key Points

  1. Using social media is important so you can connect with prospective clients.
  2. A great and heartfelt cover letter can make a difference.
  3. Being in real estate is so rewarding, especially when you get to be a part of special moments like these!




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