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Leigh Brown | Crazy Shit In Real Estate

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Episode 111: Linda Devlieg

April 16, 2018


Dog? What dog? When Linda Devlieg, realtor of 25 years and ex-dog groomer, tells you to pay attention to a “Beware of Dog” sign, LISTEN! Tune in as Linda tells us about how she singlehandedly stopped two attacking dogs, how her clients ran off when they saw a bull snake sunning on a porch, and – if you haven’t noticed yet – how real estate is nothing like what you see on TV. Linda also sheds some light on how patriotic the job of a realtor really is and encourages us to do our homework to learn why.


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:50 – Linda’s Background
  • 01:00 – She’s been in real estate for 25 years and serves Albuquerque, NM and the surrounding areas
  • 01:20 – There’s a city in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences
  • 02:20 – Linda’s CSIRE story
  • 02:30 – She was going to show a home and a sign said “Beware of Dog;” she knocked, but no one answered and there was no barking
  • 02:55 – Two dogs suddenly attacked her; she grabbed one by the muzzle and the other backed off
  • 03:30 – She went to show a luxury property but there was a 6-foot bull snake on the front porch; the buyers ran away and never saw the home
  • 04:05 – The day-to-day in real estate isn’t what you see on TV
  • 04:35 – Real estate is more important than what the public sees
  • 05:10 – Linda’s husband is in the moving industry
  • 05:15 – He runs one of the top beacon’s agencies in the country
  • 05:48 – He tries to make things comfortable; people don’t understand what happens in the background
  • 06:30 – She’s called him for male back-up before, but he’ll never bring home boxes
  • 07:00 – One thing that makes Linda stay in real estate despite all the changes over the past 25 years
  • 07:15 – The feeling of accomplishment when you realize the part you play in something so patriotic as home ownership
  • 08:15 – The Code of Ethics and history behind real estate and the association is amazing
  • 09:05 – She once had a man propose to his wife at the open house so they could write a VA offer
  • 09:15 – Realtors should get involved in political work; their job is so patriotic
  • 09:43 – How to contact Linda or reach out to her husband for moving services
  • 09:53 – Her website: realestateinabq.com, phone number: (505)440-7200

3 Key Points

  1. Real estate isn’t what you see on TV.
  2. As a realtor, you play a part in something very patriotic: Home ownership.
  3. Learn the history of real estate and get involved in its political future.




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