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Episode 108: Stephanie White

March 22, 2018


Stephanie White has worn many hats in the real estate world. She’s gone from realtor, to broker, to managing and regional broker, to working in the association world – and not necessarily in that order. Stephanie gets into the problem of new shiny things on the market when realtors should just focus on what’s tried and true. Tune in to hear how you can’t buy likeability, why authenticity always wins, and what it means to be proactive.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:15 – Stephanie’s background
  • 01:20 – Stephanie is in Mobile, Alabama, has been there for 2 years, and was in Florida for 25 years
  • 01:35 – She worked and volunteered at 5 different associations, started as a realtor, became a broker, then became a managing and regional broker
  • 02:10 – She worked with a company that sold leads and measured ratios from call to close; the results were enlightening because she had no idea how it worked
  • 03:28 – Understanding conversion rates was something she didn’t know for the first 10 years of being in real estate, and that was after getting out of the selling side
  • 03:50 – It’s critical for realtors now to drill into their own markets
  • 04:30 –Every realtor should have to go through the process of listing their own home and purchasing a home before leading a client through the process
  • 04:50 – Before you’ve lived it, it’s hard to council and advise someone going thorough it
  • 05:00 – Her cross-sale with her purchase was with a successful woman; Stephanie learned that it was about tenacity and staying with it
  • 06:00 – Her association members are inundated with new things that want their money and time, but door-knocking, cold-calling, marketing, and authenticity still win
  • 06:45 – Likeable realtors do well because they’re authentic
  • 07:35 – There will always be someone who doesn’t like you; don’t take it personally
  • 08:55 – Facebook groups: No one is who they are online
  • 09:40 – Social Media
  • 09:53 – Stephanie sticks to work and cat videos; there’s so much noise out there
  • 10:18 – As an associate executive, you must be where your members are
  • 10:45 – Mobile association: Big events, participation, and culture, but there were certain gaps
  • 11:30 – Policy manual creation for Mobile
  • 12:23 – Sending members and staff to national events so they are educated themselves
  • 12:53 – They have credibility with members so they’ll listen
  • 13:15 – New perspectives and people add value and engage members
  • 14:36 – The importance of knowing the “why” behind what’s going on
  • 14:48 – People fear change but need to be adaptable and proactive; you should anticipate change that is coming and make thoughtful decisions
  • 15:48 – Talk to your association executive, get them to listen to this episode, and have a conversation about your involvement; consumers, too
  • 16:15 – Associations give realtors comradery, education, and current happenings
  • 16:37 – How to reach Stephanie White


3 Key Points

  1. Experience what it is you are advising and counseling on.
  2. Be outrageously authentic; people will see if you are trying to be someone else.
  3. You won’t be liked by everyone – its ok – don’t take it personally.



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