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Episode 66: Sarah Vander Vloet

May 30, 2017


Sometimes the roles and responsibilities of realtors can be a bit fuzzy. Not only do they liaise on your behalf when it comes to selling or buying a home, but for Sarah Vander Vloet, they also become instant babysitters! Listen as today’s guest, Sarah Vander Vloet shares her hilarious experience with Leigh that expresses just how much trust a client can have in their realtor.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:43 – Leigh welcomes today’s guest, Sarah Vander Vloet
  • 01:35 – Sarah has been a licensed realtor in London, Ontario since 2011
  • 01:42 – She works alongside her husband, Mike, who’s been in real estate for 10 years
  • 01:47 – They sell real estate and comanage the StreetCity Realty Inc, a Canadian owned corporation
  • 03:06 – Sarah’s story has 3 parts: a home that took extra time and effort to sell, patient sellers, and trusting buyers
    • 03:21 – This happened last February
    • 03:23 – The house listed was an older home
    • 03:32 – For older homes, they sometimes don’t give the exact age of the property
    • 03:46 – This home was sold to the buyers a few years prior but they’ve outgrown the property
    • 04:02 – There was full disclosure of the house which included some water in the basement
    • 04:49 – It was listed for 30 days before it got an offer
    • 05:03 – The buyers were quite disappointed
    • 05:35 – They received a mutual release because the buyers were looking for a newer home
    • 05:43 – A month later, they received another offer – a conditional one
    • 05:58 – It was a low risk offer
    • 06:11 – All disclosures were given
    • 06:21 – 9 days later, they received another mutual release because the buyer’s home sale fell apart
    • 06:53 – The sellers had breaks throughout the process, but they feltl a little disappointed
    • 07:10 – 10 days later, there came another offer
    • 07:16 – The low-ball offer was not accepted
    • 08:12 – While everything was going on, Sarah was in correspondence with some interested buyers
    • 09:09 – They made an appointment
    • 09:27 – The buyer was caught in traffic and texted Sarah that he would be late
    • 09:44 – A van pulled up and the buyer’s wife was going to work—she left the kids with Sarah in the front yard
    • 10:12 – It happened too fast that Sarah’s brain couldn’t keep up
    • 10:43 – She realized she was the babysitter and waited until their father arrived
    • 11:16 – The buyer arrived in a few moments and they ended up buying the home
  • 12:49 – You should know who you’re meeting
  • 14:00 – The public is spending a lot of time with their realtors
  • 15:30 – Sarah remembers coming home and telling her husband about how she randomly ended up babysitting
  • 17:00 – Reach Sarah through her phone 519-777-7205, on Leading London, or by email sarah@leadinglondon.ca

3 Key Points

  1. Not being able to sell a home can be frustrating, so appreciate those clients who remain patient.
  2. Communication is of the utmost importance.
  3. As realtors, be prepared to go above and beyond the call when it comes to your service.


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